From Martin’s Family

Thank you for your patience as I try to recover from the last couple months of unexpected activity.  Thank you also for serving our family with all of the arrangements you guided us through and took care of.  We are very appreciative and would be happy to speak of your good work should you ever need a reference.  Thank you for informing us of casket choices, funeral home recommendations, the “prayer cards”, how to have just one guest book, and the suggestions of both a florist as well as a floral arrangement. Sue at Phillips Florist was excellent to work with, both listening to what we wanted as well as guiding us.

Thankfully, we can say we are very pleased with how my husband was cared for in his passing, as well as with the memorial service held to honor him.  We were hoping for about 80 people, and the final count was 320, so all our effort and work was well worth it.

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