Simplicity Plan-Green Burial & Eco-Cremation (Flameless)

This plan will include the following services & merchandise:

Simplicity Plan-Green Burial

Basic services of funeral director and staff; local transfer from place of death; refrigeration; ritual washing of body; service vehicle for casket transportation; casket selection and free online obituary notice.

The cost of this package is:


For families wishing to have a burial without a casket
(where allowed by cemetery regulations)
the package price will be:



The Simplicity Plan-Flameless Cremation will include the following services:

Transfer of your loved one into our care; securing of legal documents; cremation permit; refrigeration until cremation; Alkaline Hydrolysis cremation bag; flameless cremation process; choices of eco friendly urn; return of ashes to family and free online obituary notice.

The price for this plan is: $2,295.00

Flameless cremation uses water instead of fire to return the body to nature.  Flameless cremation uses a combination of gentle water flow, temperature and alkalinity to accelerate the natural course of breakdown at the end of life.  The process uses 95% water and 5% alkalies…remember, our bodies are 65% water.  This process is safe for the environment as the alkalies are potassium and sodium hydroxides.  They are used in shaving creams, body washes and other cosmetic products.  This process does not release toxic gases or other air pollutants.  Flameless cremation uses 85% less energy than a traditional flame cremation.

Any cash advance items such as newspaper charges, clergy fees, cemetery expenses, additional certified copies of the death certificate are not included and will be added to the total cost of the funeral arrangements you have chosen.