Simple Plan-Complete Service

Because each family’s traditions vary greatly based on needs, religious preferences and the unique nature of these tributes, the costs associated with these types of services vary greatly. I have created a burial package that helps keep costs down, while providing your family peace of mind that everything you need for your loved ones tribute is included. Rest assured that I can honor any wish, custom or need your family may need, with elegance and a price your family will be comfortable with.  Please contact me anytime to discuss your concerns regarding your family’s needs.

The Full Service Tribute

This plan will include the following services & merchandise and is available  at your church or place of worship.

Basic services of funeral director; embalming; dressing & casketing; staff to direct services same day; transfer of deceased from place of death; hearse or service vehicle for funeral; steel casket (choose from 12) or rental casket; (crematory fee and permit  if cremation is chosen); casket spray of flowers, guest register, 100 prayer cards or memorial folders and 50 thank you cards; sales tax on merchandise; three certified copies of death certificate and free online obituary notice.

The cost of this plan is: $4,800.00

If you wish a visitation at a funeral home the evening before the funeral, the cost will be $6,800.00.