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Matthew P. Peterson

In Memorial

Born: September 1, 1982 Place of Birth: Elk Grove Village, IL Death: August 29, 2010 Place of Death: Island Lake, IL Survived by: Seth and Kyle, Sons Lars and Sandra (nee Tumminaro) Peterson, Parents Mareva (Joseph) Arient, Sister Zachary (Emily) Peterson, Brother Other family and friends ...Continue reading

Patricia A. Zielinski

In Memorial

Born: March 30, 1942 Death: August 23, 2010 Occupation: Secretary ...Continue reading

Clauda D Brummett

In Memorial

Born: January 1, 1953 Death: August 20, 2010 Occupation: Chiropractic Neurologist ...Continue reading

John O’Hearn

Born: November 26, 1958 Death: August 19, 2010 Place of Death: at home Occupation: House Painter Survived By Maureen Hartwig, Sister Edward (Tani) O'Hearn, Brother Kathleen O'Hearn, Sister JoAnne O'Hearn, Sister Michael (Cindy) O'Hearn, Brother Nieces and nephews Preceded in Death By: Michael J. O"Hearn, Father Georgianna (Nee Dorney), Mother ...Continue reading

Dorothy C Sproat

In Memorial

Born: January 7, 1926 Death: August 18, 2010 Occupation: Homemaker ...Continue reading

Edward S. Eversole

In Memorial

Born: December 8, 1942 Death:August 2, 2010 Place of Death:Grove North ...Continue reading

Roger T. Padgett

Born: April 14, 1952 Death: August 1, 2010 Place of Death: At Home Occupation: Chef Survived By: Charles "Pete" , Father Carolynn (Lance) DeVries, Sister Glenn (Tracy) Padgett, Brother Wayne (Sandy), Brother Marianne Butista, Sister Jonathan, Eric, Michael, Carli, John and Brian, Nieces and Nephews Preceded in Death By: Geraldine E., Mother ...Continue reading