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James R. Brenits

In Memorial

Born: March 16, 1956 Death: December 20, 2009 Place of Death: at home Occupation: Stockbroker Survived by: Valerie (nee Green), Wife Ariel, Daughter William, Son Donald (Teri) Brenits, Brother Andrew (Susan) Brenits, Brother Nancy (nee Rush), Mother many nieces and nephews Preceded in death by: Alan Brenits, Father ...Continue reading

Virginia Pizzo

Born: August 16, 1950 Death: December 17, 2009 Place of Death: Illinois Masonic Medical Center Occupation: Homemaker Survived by: Russell Pizzo, Son Robert Pizzo, Son Preceded in death by: Anthony Pizzo, Father Frances Pizzo (nee Pitkus), Mother Frank Pizzo, Brother ...Continue reading

Ofelia Soto

Born: December 22, 1940 Place of Birth: Monterrey, Mexico Death: December 8, 2009 Place of Death: at her daughter Sandra's home Occupation: Homemaker Survived by: Daniel (Charmaine) Frias, Son Ernesto (Trinidad) Soto, Son Sandra (Scott) Guzik, Daughter Alexander (Ayda) Soto, Son Stephanie Martinez, Daughter Issac, Robert, Michael, Danielle, Andrew, Bernice, Adrian and Matthew, Grandchildren Aurora, Sister Manuel, Brother Margie, Sister Armando, Brother Louie, Brother Martha, ...Continue reading